Why Blenheim Is a Great Place to Visit All Year Round

12th Apr 14

Blenheim is one of the sunniest towns in New Zealand, with an estimated 2,438 sunshine hours per year. The region gets its dry, warm climate from the heat that is trapped in the area by the surrounding mountains, hills and valleys. This unique climate has helped put Marlborough on the map as a renowned winemaking region. If the grapes like it here, we’re sure you will too!

You probably already know that summers in Blenheim are amazing – with temperatures hovering between 25-30°c, it’s a great place to soak up some summer sun. But did you know that Blenheim is a great place to visit in the spring, autumn and winter too? Don’t let the cooler weather keep you away – read on to learn why Blenheim is a great destination all year.

Catch the end of autumn

Many say this region looks best during autumn. While we love every season here, there’s something special about seeing the surrounding hills change colour. You’ll find the temperatures still nice and mild. In April, the average daily temperature hovers around 20°c, though you’ll need a jacket or jersey as the temperature dips in the evenings.

The leaves on trees and bushes turn into a picturesque pallet of golds, browns, reds, yellows and oranges. The best way to get a birds-eye view is on a scenic flight at the Marlborough Aero Club.

A scenic flight over Marlborough

Hopefully you caught the end of the harvesting season and had the opportunity to try your hand at grape harvesting! If not, many wineries like Brancott Estate offer year-round tours. We suggest The Living Land, where you’ll discover how the Brancott vineyards were created with the environment in mind. The experience includes a chance to view the endangered native New Zealand Falcon.

Enjoy outside activities in winter

Winter in the Blenheim/Marlborough region is relatively mild. The average air temperature for this time ranges between 10-15°c. Winter days are usually crisp and clear with plenty of sun. Snowfall and thunderstorms are rare, which is good news for our treasured grapevines.

Many activities that are popular in the summer and spring are still enjoyable throughout the winter. One of our favourite activities is to tour the local vineyards by bike. You’ll breathe in crisp clear air while taking in spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and enjoying the region’s award-winning wines. Just don’t forget to take a light jacket or jersey!

Experience all spring has to offer

Just as in autumn, spring blooms with radiant growth and beautiful colour in Blenheim and Marlborough.

The temperature starts to rise again, and by mid-October you’ll be back to an average of 18°c, a perfect time to try a Driftwood Eco-Tour, kayaking along the Wairau Lagoon. Don’t forget your camera for this one!

Take a walk around Pollard Park and its botanical gardens and rockery. The recently bloomed flowers and plants will delight your senses, especially in the scented garden.

Picture of a kayak and paddle

Stay with us this winter

Why not stay with us at Hotel d’Urville this winter and make the most of the activities and shops around Blenheim? We’re happy to recommend excursions for any season and help you book them.

Do you have any favourite winter activities in Blenheim or Marlborough? Let us know in a comment below!

Photo credit:
Autumn vineyards by Phillip Capper, CC-BY-2.0
Kayak & Paddle by True New Zealand Adventures, CC-BY-2.0

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